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equity ou fee mensal

equity ou fee mensal


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Ecommerce industry:


- Market mapping by addressable revenue (GMV)

- Industry mapping across physical retail, marketplaces, largest retailers, ridesharing & delivery platforms and SMBs merchants.

- Addressable revenue by largest retailers and SMBs merchants.

- Main trends and movement of large retailers to build an ecosystem.

Ecommerce technology platforms:


- Key competitors of ecommerce platforms by GMV and by merchants volume.

- Key competitors mapping focused on SMBs and enterprise markets.

- Main strenghts and weekness by ecommerce platforms.

- Differences of players penetration between Brazil, Mexico and Argentina markets.

- Customer-centric product mindset, partners ecosystem building and portfolio expansion.

- Main trends and movement of large retailers to build an ecosystem.

- Main third-party applications to expand product capabilities of ecommerce platforms.

Ecommerce technology platforms:


Payments providers/ PSPs:


- Key competitors of payment providers by TPV 

- Main strenghts and weekness by ecommerce platforms.

- Differences of players penetration between Brazil, Mexico and Argentina markets.

- Potential partners category with all combinations of partners category who could build their solutions by using financial solutions.

- Instant payment and open banking trends

Other subjects


- Technical product insights about ecommerce platforms, hosting services, website build or instant payments provider


- Startup and fintech ecosystem


- Insights about specific companies


Joao Smith

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Como executivo, mentor & board member em empresas de TI de alto crescimento, possui uma ampla bagagem em estratégias de go-to-market, desenvolvimento de negócios e expansão internacional 

For 16+ years, Joao has been defining go-to-market strategies with implementation and customization of business units and operations across Brazil, Mexico & Latam markets in leading IT, Startups and Fintechs. He is also a board member, investor and mentor of startups and fintechs, beyond being part of venture capital and accelerators firms in the region. 


His last roles included: (1) Make global brands local, (2) Go-to-market strategies, (3) Business development and partnerships, (4) Marketing and sales levers, (5) Digital products development, (5) Customer support and operations.


As executive:

- Fintech Advisor at SpinPay, a leading instant payment provider

- LATAM manager at PayPal 

- LATAM head of Nuvemshop - #1 ecommerce platform in Latam 

- GM at Endurance International Group - #1 SaaS and cloud-based solutions group in the world 

- GM at Locaweb - #1 digital solutions provider in Latam


As part of startup ecosystem:

- Board Member of startups: Cloudez and Configr

- Mentor in accelerators and VCs firms: ACE Startups, Founder Institute, Inovativa and Google Developers

- Entrepreneur of startups: ResellerClub and Clube de Revenda


Built a go-to-market strategy to launch an instant payment solutions in Brazil as an advisor at SpinPay.

Responsible for building and establishing channel partners and business development strategy for Brazil, Mexico and Latam countries in PayPal.


Built and drove the partnership and business development strategy of Nuvemshop, the largest SaaS ecommerce platform in Latam, where was built a growing community of 6,000+ freelancers and agencies partners.


Established and drove operation in an IaaS and SaaS solutions company in order to support Brazil & Latam market, where it was built a community of 10,000+ partners and 140,000+ customers, through Endurance International Group - a global leading provider.


Played a key role in building the partnership strategy in Locaweb, which became one of the most active and successful ecosystems of agencies and developers in the Brazilian market, with thousands of partners and millions of customers.



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